Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year & a Sale!

Hey there, hi there, ho there!! 
I hope everyone had a great holiday! Between Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years I've been running like crazy! I am ready to settle down now and get back into routine. I think napping will be part of my new routine! *wink*
So every year in my town I coordinate a Holiday Craft & Vendor show. This year was by far the biggest.. with 35 vendors! I spent $700 in advertising alone and I hope everyone did well! It was super stressful. I was pretty much MIA from October through December. I always had something on my mind, but it was a fun day overall and it's been a learning experience. This was our 3rd year. 
It all started 4 years ago. My girlfriend and I were chatting and thought it would be nice to have a craft show in our own town, after all, living where we do in rural North Dakota, we're always driving to go to shows. We put our thinking caps on and committed ourselves to it. The first year was a flop. lol!! 9 vendors and maybe 25 guests haha!! The 2nd year, my girlfriend backed out and I took the reigns. The show did really well. We had 23 vendors and about 300 people total come through. This year I handled all the details on my own again and it was pretty good. 35 vendors and I wasn't able to keep track of the guests, but almost a constant flow until the last hour or so. Plus this was out first year with Road Signs!! I think those made a difference. We had people coming in off the highway to visit, which was great advertising. It was fun, although stressful, but I look forward to this year's show!

 In Other News....

  Melissa has started a sale at MelJen's!! It will run for the entire month of January and is good on all digi's in the shop! Be sure to check back every Friday for our new releases!
January - now through the 31st, the entire shop is on sale 20% off. No code needed. Also, every order of $10 or more is entered to win a $50 gift certificate code to my shop. 1 random winner will be chosen & announced on Feb 1st. Multiple orders are good for multiple entries. :-)

Until Next Post, take care my crafty Friends!!

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  1. Our craft fair sounds great! Thanks for the heads up on the sale, too.


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