Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making a Valentine's Treat Holder

Helloooo Crafting Friends! 
Today is my Design Team Member day & I thought I'd share a how-to with you!  
I made these super Cute Valentine's for my girls and they were a hit with the 1st and 5th grades! You could make them for any holiday or occasion all you need to do is change the paper to fit your theme.. and of course, choose the right MelJen's image!! 
Here they are....

I started by cutting a piece of card stock at 4.25" & 5.5"

Then flip the card stock over, along one 4.25" side, I ran a strip of adhesive (1). Then along the bottom of the page 3/4 of the length of the paper (3). Finally along the top I run a 2.5" strip of adhesive right along the middle (2). I know the adhesive is hard to see, but looking at this picture, imagine the adhesive making a backwards L, then the strip across the top. I added the numbers for you during the folding process. 
(My actual treat holders didn't have the numbers. The other option would be to run a strip of adhesive completely across the top as you do along the bottom, but I hate wasting adhesive, so I don't do that.) 
 Step 3 is to roll the paper like a toilet paper roll... you're going to attach the two short sides (1).
Then pinch together the short strip along the top (2)... when you are pinching, look at it to be sure your adhesive is centered. If you pinch in the wrong place you will be pinching adhesive with adhesive and half of the tube won't have anything to stick to.
 Next, turn your tube over and put your candies inside. For my 1st grader I used M&M's. For my 5th grader I used Reeses Heart shaped Candies.
 Once your candy is inside, pinch the other end closed. Pinch it opposite of the first end. Your adhesive (since it is 3/4 of the page) will seal the entire end if you are pinching it correctly.
Finally, run one end through your crimper about 1/2 an inch, then the other end.

Your final treat holder will look like a sour cream package, attach your favorite MelJen's Valentine image and your treats are done!

I made 40 of these in one day. They are quick & easy!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Cute treat holders! Made these for Christmas a few years ago, but I put handmade earrings in them.


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